AUG 2014: Soon I will be opening a bigger studio shop with my college Camilla Deleuran, and we can't wait to launch... We will still be found in Jægersborggade, with more room for our handmade collaborations and other studio activities.

MAY 2014: Currently building set design in Århus harbour, on the sitespecific and interactive theater piece PHOENIX. The first showing is set in June, and in July we will be at a festival for new stage art in Italy. The essence of the play, is to push the idea of boundries for ones life. If you need a push, GO SEE IT!

NOV 2013: We are just about to finish a series of drawings for luxury flooring company Dinesen. With the help of my current intern Mr. crosshatch himself: Peter Berke. You can see it HERE!

08 FEB 2013: Working on a series of illustrations for Social Actions soon to come website launch.This is the number one company to keep an eye on if you are into making the world a (more sustainable and) better place.

30 JAN 2013 : Me and my lovely intern Nanna are in Holbæk these days, helping out on the set of "Hotel Aurelia" by Planeta 15. The hotel got the best reviews in all danish newspapers last year in Nicolai Kunsthall, and this year we promise you it is even better! You can see it in Holbæk until the end of March..



25 OCT : Off to Viborg to build the 2012 EXPO for learning games. This new event showcasing all talentet game developers, and their games minded to teach kids and adults new things, usefull in the real world! Check it<----

31 MARTS 2012 : My cover illustration + 3 spreads in the latest issue of TÆNK magazine is on the streat now. You can also see it here. At the moment I am working on print material for Dansehallerne, new illustrations for Aftenposten Innsikt and animations for the National Museum.

08 FEB 2012 : Finally the web shop is open! Take a look! The photos were shot by good friend and excellent photographer Toke Nielsen.

16 JAN 2012 : My bowls in the soft series made for copenhagens new poridge bar "GRØD" was on national tv DR2 tonight, with an excellent review :^)

02 JAN 2012: Starting up the new year with many great clients and tasks. Dooing illustrations for norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, working on a pilot for national tv DR,and a record cover for new-jazz band "pixel".



10 DEC 2011 : Christmas caught me with a storm, and after the christmas marked there are still lots of handmade - fair trade presents going out of my little door in the Vanishing Point studio. I also got some time to make some new craft products and colaborations, like the children wool sweaters coming from Nepal in January.

29 NOV 2011 : At the moment I'm working on a editoral watercolour full spread illustration, for danish refugee journal "VisAvis". Will be out in March 2012.

21 SEPT 2011: I just rounded up the ☾☾TENT SHOW☽ ☽ for this years Festival Of Endless Gratitude.Together with good friend Kiss I made 10 huge tents for the festival, filling the space with an obscure feel of old market fairs and circus like spaces.

08 SEPT 2011: After rounding up a maternity leave and building the foundations for a new era - - - - -I just opened my own studio & craft shop in the beautiful Jægersborggade area in Copenhagen. Here you can find me and my brand new porcelain, quilts, posters and more. Take a look at the facebook for now, the webshop opens in October.



16 OCT: At the moment I am working on a diary for the entire area of Nørrebro called nørrebrodagbog. The project is part of the "history-factory" by Morten Bencke, a collaboration with local historical museum in Copenhagen. The objective is to display peoples everyday-life as noteworthy for the present, and as historical events for future memory. Also the idea is to create a nuanced picture of this part of the city - in contrast to the media focus on youth rebelling gang-fights.

25 AUG: In september I will be in Tromsø, Norway, dooing artwork/ scenography for the interactive performative play "Butterfly Effects" by theater- company wunderland. The play is also premiering in Oslo in November this year.

22 APRIL: Last saturday I opened a showroom HURRAAA with my friends viggo, RunE, Kiss, Morten Bencke, Morten MHM and Jonas . It was the sunniest day of the month! ---------- > Next month I am also exibithing MotherMother videoworks & collections together with Helena at the Danish Biennale 09 for Arts and Crafts, at Trapholt museum in Kolding.

10 MARCH : I have updated the site with my latest moves for FAgget Fairys and a record cover for Chimes & Bells. My work has also been published in the Asian Edition of Dazed and Confused, and is featured in the YCN yearbook of emerging creative talent.



15 AUG : My Of Montreal video for Suffer for Fashion is screened at BUG and CWFF film festival in London this summer. My work has also been featured in the Dazed and Confused web-site: DAZED DIGITAL since December. Check it <<<<<<<<